Flying Brain

Is it a bird, is it plane or is it a flying meatball? No it's a flying brain - your flying brain! Control a unique character through pipe-gaps which continuously shrink - such a madness!!!


The lovley animated background aswell the nice Character - a flying brain with wings - will blast your mind away.


And when you think the shrinkage is all that we offer to you, then be suprised. Go figure out, NOW!


Flying brain is an 8Bit altered clone of a well known game - you will sure have some good time, long lasting fun is guaranteeded!


Still not crazed, then check this out: you can compete with other players. The highscores will submitted online and your score will be kept, as long as no other player will mercilessly beat your low highscore.


Don't let other players be better than you!!!


Available on Google Playstore and Apple Store. Flying Brain will be released in later for Windows and Blackberry Phones.


Tablet compatible.

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