Max 21

Having a great time at your party? Are you bored at school? Grab your personal copy of Max21 today and play the most twisted party game you ever will know! Originally from Germany we bring you a digitalized, Chilli Cheese styled version of this unbeatable party game! Known as Mäxchen, Meiern, Schummelmax or even more fancy names you always try to be smarter than your adversaire.


The rules are simple as this: You dice a number, say the diced value to the next player and pass the game through. But wait, there's more explaination:


The Basics: You always try to dice a higher number than the one who played right before you - with only one try. Don't show your results - just tell the results to the next player: If you dice a "1" and a "3" you will go for "31". The player after you needs to dice a higher pair, like "32". After that the next player dices, tries to hit the score diced before and passes it again to the next player and so on.


The Twist: You can't beat the score of the previous player? Well, that's not a problem at all - just tell a lie to the next one! The next player needs to decide: To trust or not to trust? Not trusting in the score will force the next player to look under the cup: If this player cought you lying: you'll loose. You told the truth? Fine - you are the winner, so the other one looses!


Additional rules: Dicing the same number twice will give you a pair - the higher it is, the better it is - they count higher than non-pairs. But this is optional. Another variant for pairs would be to redice. What happends if you loose? You and your mates decide about the loosing condition, there are many nasty possibilities ..... if you get it ;-)


Try to lie - try to win!!!! To trust or not to trust, that is here the question!!!! This game can be played from 2 up to an endless number of players. Available on Google Playstore and Apple Store. Max21 will be released in later for Windows and Blackberry Phones.Tablet compatible. An assisted variant will be available soon.


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